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Myan-African Charity House is a small Christian non profit charity founded in 2007 in Kelowna, BC promoting charitable activities in some third world countries.   Thailand, and Tanzania are several examples as well as where planned projects take us. 


MACH’s activities consist of assisting in aiding the diverse needs of orphans, widows and families living in poverty.  We strive to provide some funding to improve nutrition, health care, education as well as religious education for those age groups in which this is required. Providing safe and adequate lodging and cooking facilities at orphanages falls also within our mandate.

Get to Know Us

Our funds are raised here locally and sent to the areas of need though local missionary headquarters where the projects are planned. We look at the planned projects to ensure it meets our criteria and that the need is pressing. They follow our instructions as to meeting the need and provide assessment statements as projects are completed. 

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